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A Hot, Summer Friday

In Shenanigans on June 18, 2010 at 7:05 pm

Sitting around a keyed and dented lunch table at a local bar and grill I thought to myself, “Today would be a great day to sit outside and drink a cold one.” Today marks the first summer weekend in Kansas City when the temperature hit 100 degrees. Nothing sounded better over lunch than sitting out on the patio, absorbing the warm rays of the sun, and sipping on an ice-cold pint of Boulevard Wheat.

Unfortunately, I have recently decided it is high time to start eating and living better, which means cutting out all the junk – including beer.  :*(

My brain waves must have been received by my boss and coworkers who paraded their tall, frosty beers in front of me in hopes to tempt me to stray from my good behavior – drinking water with a squeeze of lemon. Time and time again in conversation they’d look down at their cold brews, look back at me, and say with a smirk, “Wow, my frosty beer is delicious. It tastes so smooth!”

The taunting continued back at the office as my boss unwrapped a perfectly frozen Snickers bar and Reese’s Peanut Butter cup in front of me.

Soon, payback will reign the halls of this office. But what evil stunt do I perform to even the playing field?

Whatever it is, it had better be good – worth the price of starting an all-out prank war. Any ideas for a great, all-in-good-fun office prank?


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