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Apple vs. Consumer

In IT news on July 1, 2010 at 2:55 pm

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last month, you have most likely heard or read about the latest in iPhone 4 drama.

First, rumors spread from Foxconn – the Chinese electronics factory giant that makes the iPhone – that a total of 10 employees had committed suicide in 2010. Then a prototype was lost in a bar and leaked to Gizmodo.

Now as eager owners receive their new iPhones they are noticing some technical difficulties. Not only does it reportedly drop calls (which was already happening with the iPhone 3GS)  especially now due to the new antenna design, but owners are noticing a yellow discoloration on the screen, either in band or spot form. To top it off, when approached about the faulty design that quickly kills cellular reception when held in the left hand, Steve Jobs said, “Just don’t hold it that way,” when iPhone 4 advertisements clearly show users holding it the “wrong way.”

Today and ComputerWorld along with several other outlets reported Apple, AT&T sued over iPhone 4 antenna problems.

“Just six days after the iPhone 4’s launch, a pair of Maryland residents sued Apple and AT&T, alleging that the smartphone’s defective antenna design drops calls and can’t hold a strong signal.” They site that plaintiffs are unable to use the iPhone in such a normal manner in which such devices are meant to function – making phone calls, and that consumers are unable to return the device without incurring a substantial restocking fee.

Is a class-action lawsuit really necessary for Apple to fix the design mistakes on the iPhone 4 and for AT&T to improve its basic service?

Should Apple redesign the iPhone 4 or issue free phone cases to improve signal, and should AT&T distribute rebates or allow dissatisfied consumers to return the device without a restocking fee?

I’d love to hear your comments.


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