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What Will Be the Next New Technology?

In IT news on July 22, 2010 at 8:07 pm

Within the last few years we have witnessed the production and marketing of new technologies, including mobile phones with internet capabilities, e-readers, air multiplier fans, and of course, the new sleek and sexy tablet – the iPad.

Considering Apple just reported record numbers for Q3, and out-shined all of their earnings estimates with the mac, iPhone, and newly added iPad (which almost outsold the mac), I can’t help but wonder: With all this new technology, what is the next step in gadgetry? What will be the next never-before-seen must-have gadget to appear on the market?

If you’ve ever seen Wall-E (who hasn’t?) or any other futuristic movies, you might have some thoughts on what the future of technology could look like. The question is, Is this technology around the corner or decades away?


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