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The Facebook Fadeout

In Events, IT news on September 24, 2010 at 2:39 pm

facebook murder

Late yesterday afternoon, Facebook ran into a pinch of trouble. Ok, maybe more than a pinch.

Accessing the site was nearly impossible for a reported 2.5 hours, with tiny windows of connectivity appearing and then disappearing as soon as you attempted to maneuver the site. The outage – Facebook’s worst in 4 years – was the result of a DNS failure.

Many people were upset, and took to Twitter to voice their opinions.

Tweets like “@geeksaresexy: Facebook is down, FACEBOOK IS DOWN!. #panic #facebookfail #facebook #endoftheworld #omg #fail” and

@mikeydaroza: DNS FAILURE! #facebook is down, productivity in the work place rises. Recession is now over. Rejoice!” churned through Twitter boards for hours.

But were users upset about the failure because it kept them from working in one of their platforms (as was my case) or were they disturbed because they were unable to tend to their farms and comment on friends’ pictures?

Maybe a short break from Facebook is a good thing… just sayin.


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