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The Importance of Recruiters to Education and Business

In Guest Posts, Recruiting Agencies on November 15, 2010 at 3:02 pm

The following guest post is authored by Steve Mallard, blogger at TTC Shelbyville – Technical Blog.

Recruiters play a critical role in the placement of professionals in their chosen occupation.   Finding recruiters who work with the hiring client and the client they are placing in their profession while being an expert in their area of expertise is critical.

With cloud computing, virtualization, mobile computing, security, wireless technology, social networking and other technologies growing at an unprecedented rate; human resource departments need to make the right hiring decisions in an ever changing global economy.   Technology continues to change and the versatile skills needed in order to be successful are changing and becoming more complex.

The challenge of finding these information technology personnel with these skillsets truly needed by employers can be counterproductive for these companies.  While HR departments can interview dozens of applicants; finding the true technical expertise needed for specialized positions can result in hundreds of hours of lost time and thousands of dollars of lost profits.   Because data drives businesses, choosing the wrong person could also result in the loss of data, network up-time or even clients.

Recruiters who specialize in information technology are familiar with the technical criteria, experience and skills needed for specific jobs in IT.  These recruiters are familiar not only with this, but are knowledgeable of salaries and benefits needed to fill these positions with the most qualified personnel for the job.

So where do educators fit in?  Often many organizations need entry level or experienced personnel in their IT department that need a minimal amount of training.  With that said, recruiters will work with educators by reviewing curriculum and skills taught in the classrooms while comparing what is taught with what is needed in the real business world.   This complex relationship is needed to insure the employer and student are successful in their endeavors.

Steve Mallard is the IT Manager and Lead Computer Information Technology Instructor at the Tennessee Technology Center at Shelbyville in Shelbyville, Tennessee.  TTC Shelbyville is a member of the Tennessee Board of Regents, the University and Community College System of Tennessee.


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