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The White Stuff is Here!

In Events, Holidays, ice, snow on December 16, 2010 at 9:28 am

Happy Snow Day!

The winter season is upon us and if you haven’t already, soon you will most likely see the white fluffy stuff falling from the sky. In our case, last night we got the best stuff ever – sleet!

Today due to the ice build-up in certain areas of the Kansas City metro, our office is approximately half empty. Thankfully our office is set up so we are able to work from home if need be.

But that got me wondering… how many offices still haven’t enabled a system that allows employees to work from home? And in such a case, are those employees required to take a day of personal time or vacation time off, or is it basically like a snow day?

  1. I am setup to work from home, and have several times over the past 8 years, but was just recently informed by my boss/owner that he will no longer allow it. If I don’t want to drive in the bad weather and the company isn’t officially closed, I now have to take a personal day.

    Thought I was working for a progressive company, but now I’m not so sure.

    • Wow, that’s really surprising. I wonder if they are looking for ways to cut costs and decided that supporting a work-from-home setup would be an easy cut?

      Or they could be receiving a lot of excuses to work from home, and decided to cut the program to increase efficiency.

      Either way, I think the ability to work from home when needed is incredibly important.

      • The company didn’t spend any money making sure I was setup to work from home – I did that myself.

        I actually think is more of a ‘fairness’ thing. There’s only about 3 of us that could actually do our jobs remotely – therefore it’s not fair to those who can’t. Not that I agree with that opinion still…

      • Ah, I see. I think in that case they ought to declare snow days when employees can’t make it in to work due to weather.

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