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Job Seekers Beware: Don’t Pay

In Advice, money, Recruiting Agencies on January 7, 2011 at 9:08 am

Would you pay a fee to a recruiting agency for the benefit of their services? Neither would we.

Beware, they’re out there. Staffing and recruiting agencies have to make money one way or another, and it usually stems from their clients. But in some cases, agencies charge job seekers a monthly hosting fee to have their profile listed with the agency.

One particular agency boasts to its potential clients that “Our basic service works much in the same way as other job boards you may have used in the past. But since the majority of our candidates pay a monthly hosting fee to have their profile listed with us, we have identified the serious job seekers for you and virtually eliminated the ‘dead resume’.”

Serious job seekers? What about the serious job seekers that have been long unemployed by our recent Great Recession? I’ll bet apples to oranges they are just as or even more serious than those “serious candidates” that can afford to pay a monthly fee. And even then, is it really worth it? Can this agency guarantee that each paying candidate be hired?

The Starter’s Guide to Employment Agencies and Headhunters warns job seekers, “Generally speaking, reputable staffing agencies, employment agencies, and executive search firms will not ask a job seeker to pay a fee. Agencies that charge fees to job seekers are not recommended. The job seeker is usually better off using his or her own resources to find a job than paying an agency of headhunter for a referral.”

In short, there are plenty of reputable staffing agencies that can help you find a job, and they won’t ask you to pay a dime.

For descriptions of types of employment agencies and how they function, visit


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