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Electronics and Freezing Weather Don’t Mix

In electronics, freezing temperatures, ice, iPad, iPhone on January 13, 2011 at 11:19 am

On the drive in this morning, the temperature gauge in my car read a bone-chilling -1 degrees, and as I pulled into my company parking lot it got me thinking – I wonder how many people have left electronics in their vehicles in this absurdly cold weather? What became of them? Did these electronics meet their demise?

Today MobileCrunch, a branch of TechCrunch posted a story regarding just that. A Norwegian woman realized her iPhone had exploded in her pocket as she trekked around in the -14 degree winter weather. Upon returning it to her local Apple store to have it repaired, the geniuses refused, citing the phone wasn’t designed to withstand below freezing temperatures.

In “How Cold Weather Can Affect Electronics” on, we find out how electronics like laptops, notebooks, and cameras react to being left in cold weather overnight.

“Have you ever brought in a pair of sunglasses or a compact disc from your cold vehicle indoors and noticed how it fogged up? Well this is what happens to your laptop/notebook computer when you bring it in from the cold after it has been sitting in the car all night.

Your hard drive platters and circuit boards develop condensation when it goes from cold to warm or hot and this could cause for some nasty short circuiting of your precious item.

In general, laptop/notebook computers are remarkably resilient when it comes to dealing with low temperatures (down to around 0 degrees F or -17 C).”

But that’s not what we’re looking for here. Did your smartphone, MP3 player, laptop or tablet shatter because you left it out in the cold? Send us your pictures and video.


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