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Bye-Bye Paper Newspaper

In Apple, iPad, News Corp, newspapers, Rupert Murdoch, Steve Jobs on January 27, 2011 at 4:03 pm

Remember a couple years ago when newspaper companies downsized, raised rates, and in extreme cases, folded? This newest development in e-news just might be another kick in the pants for newspaper companies. Or will it?

According to, Apple and News Corp are preparing to launch News Corp’s iPad-only newspaper next week in New York. 

“The Daily will be an all-digital publication available only on Apple’s iPad, and initially only in the U.S. … [It is rumored to] be the first digital publication to use a new subscription pay scheme, under which the App Store will automatically dip into a customer’s iTunes account on a weekly or monthly basis.

The Daily will also reportedly be the first publication to be delivered to subscribers’ iPads automatically each day, much like’s Kindle does with digital versions of papers such as the New York Times.”

While newspaper and magazine publishers were bullish about iPad’s e-newspaper in 2010, some analysts are now saying the application could relieve the stress and pressure on media, which has seen declining circulations and lower advertising revenues in recent years.

So maybe this development will be great for newspaper companies nationwide, or at least those that are flexible enough to convert from paper to tablet.


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