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TriCom’s “very unscientific but interesting” I.T. trends survey for the Kansas City marketplace

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Here are the “take-aways” from January’s “Trends” survey:

Male dominated?

Still tough out there!

  • 17% of the responders were currently unemployed, 60% were in full time employees, 21% were either in contract or contract-for-hire engagements, and 2.5% were part-time employees.

Higher Ed Degree’s the norm

  • 76% of the responders had a Bachelor’s degree equivalent or higher

A mixed bag when it comes to “certifications”

  • 46% of the total number of responders had some form of certification within Information Technology. The most common certification being that of a Microsoft Certified Professional (21%), followed by some form of Network-related certifications at 13%, MCSE at 11% and PMP certified responders were 9% of the total group.

Most in K.C. are working in the private sector

Still A LOT of “fluidity” in the I.T. marketplace

  • Only 60% of responders were in the SAME job a year before, 40% in a different job than one year prior
  • Most answered “how long in current job” question in MONTHS – only 6% responded in “years”


  • 38% of responders are making the same as last year
  • 62% are making different money – and 64% of those folks are making more money than last year, 36% are making less money than last year
  • Median income of responders who were employed was $75k – $80k


Note – 99% of the unemployed responders either skipped this question entirely or answered “extremely dissatisfied” (for obvious reasons). Almost all of those answering “Extremely dissatisfied” were unemployed responders.

How likely are you to leave your current job?

Over half of responders indicated they are at least likely, if not very or extremely likely to leave their current position in the next year.

To find more results from our survey, click here.


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