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Proud to Sponsor KCDC

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This Saturday marks the third annual Kansas City Developer Conference at Johnson County Community College, and we are proud to be a silver sponsor.

Check out the day’s procession of events below. To register, visit and click on the button in the right column.

KCDC Schedule

  • Keynote – Matt Cavallari


  • Overview of Agile Approaches – Martin Olson
  • Learn MVVM Basics – Kevin Griffin
  • Architecting Applications the Microsoft Way – Clint Edmonson
  • TDD techniques – George Westwater
  • Reporting in SharePoint 2010 with TFS 2010 and SQL Reporting Services 2008 – Bringing it all together – Karthik Venkataraman
  • SQL Injection and XSS: How they work and how to stop them – Rob Kraft
  • Exploring Domain Driven Design Implementation Patterns in .NET – Steve Bohlen


  • Values to Value – A Values Based Introduction to Scrum/Agile – James Pekham
  • The Low-Hanging Fruit of HTML5 – James Eggers
  • Real World, Large Scale Applications Using S#arp Architecture and ASP.NET MVC – Geoffrey Smith
  • Getting It Right With BDD – Wes Garrison
  • MongoDB – Brian Wigfield
  • Windows Phone and Windows Azure – Mike Benkovich
  • Exploring Domain Driven Design Implementation Patterns in .NET (cont.)– Steve Bohlen


  • Lunch


  • Scrumbut and Fragile – Mark Randolph
  • Javascript for the .Net Developer — Brian Moon
  • The Case for CQRS and Event Sourcing – Tyrone Groves
  • Mocks in Testing – Phil Ledgerwood
  • Building webapps for the Cloud with Python and Google App Engine – Juan Gomez
  • Programming for Windows Azure – Leslie Koorhan


  • Guerrilla Kanban – Troy Tuttle
  • What’s New In Silverlight 5 – Kevin Grossnicklaus
  • Building Distributed and Scaleable Architectures – George Westwater
  • Unit Testing Patterns and Anti-Patterns – Steve Bohlen
  • Moose:  A new ORM for Node.js – Douglas Martin
  • MonoTouch/MonoDroid with Data Services – Patrick Leikhus
  • Silverlight with RIA Services – Yair Segal


  • Story Points & Sizing Explained – Frank Rios
  • jQuery – Getting Started – Shawn Mehaffie
  • How Ruby is Making Me a Stronger C# Developer, and a Better Man – Darren Cauthon
  • Dependency Injection for Dummies – Phil Ledgerwood
  • FREE as in BEER!!! Manage Your Packages w/NuGet – Rob Reynolds
  • Scala Development in an Existing Java Development Team – Sean Griffin
  • Silverlight with RIA Services (cont.) – Yair Segal


  • Mercurial: Tales from the Trenches – Russell Ball
  • Script#: Javascripting with C# – Sky Morey
  • The Little Wonders of .NET – James Hare
  • Paradoxes and Ironies of Testing – Mark Randolph
  • Writing Faster SQL Faster – Bill Graziano
  • Startup Tips and Tricks: Getting s Small IT Shop Off The Ground – Kevin Grossnicklaus


  • Closing Ceremonies


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