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One Step Closer to the Future

In AP, Associated Press, brain, CBS, chip, computer chip, electronics, IBM, IT, IT news, San Francisco, trends on August 18, 2011 at 4:34 pm

With today’s technology we can perform a plethora of tasks in a single bound. Watch your favorite programs on your computer, play video games on your phone, even video chat with friends using the televisions, post on Twitter, Facebook, and You Tube, with a single click. This, my friend, is only the beginning.

Today, CBS and the Associated Press announced a huge triumph, accomplished by none other than IBM. According to the article, IBM researchers have come a step closer to creating a computer chip that mimics the way the human brain functions.

“The company announced Thursday that it has built two prototype chips that it says process data more like how humans digest information than the chips that now power PCs and supercomputers. The prototypes offer further evidence of the growing importance of “parallel processing,” or computers doing multiple tasks simultaneously. That is important for rendering graphics and crunching large amounts of data.”

While this is a magnificent progression, scientists estimate it will be nearly a decade or longer before these prototypes are used in everyday technologies. At the moment, the chips are steering a simulated car through a maze, or playing Pong in a laboratory in San Francisco.

Nevertheless, we cannot help but ask ourselves, will this be all the chips are used for?  Has the SciFi channel taught us nothing?  Will the machines understand, with great power comes great responsibility? Who knows what such technology will emerge through the next decade as!  Mwahahaha!


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