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Don’t Let Workplace Distractions Get the Best of You

In coworkers, distraction, work on September 15, 2011 at 10:04 am

Feeling a little distracted at work because of chatty coworkers, personal life, social media and technology, or [insert reason here]? 

Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal for your attention to be diverted away from work time to time. The trick is to acknowledge the distraction, set aside a block of time to address it later, and go about your day.

According to a recent SHRM survey, people and technology are often the main causes of distractions for U.S. workers. But being able to keep these distractions in check has a whopping 81 percent of workers reporting that “their work has never suffered nor have they ever been reprimanded for doing subpar work as a direct result of workplace distractions.”

Distractions can also be attributed to an overabundance of work, due to smaller shops or downsizing, managers are forced to do more with less and employees are bogged down and misguided about priorities.

No matter how your distraction comes up, it’s important to do your best to handle those distractions and to attempt to minimize those you might be creating.

1. Remember that your coworkers are people first and coworkers second. They all have their own pressures, challenges and goals.
2. Be respectful, courteous and considerate (i.e., just be a good human being.)
3. Don’t lend money or time that you’re not prepared to lose.

Survey: Co-Workers Biggest Work Distraction
Report: Workplace Breeding Culture of Distraction
HOW TO: Be a Better Coworker


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