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Android Users Rejoice!

In Android, Chrome, download, Google, Google Chrome, mobile, mobile devices, NY Times, smart phones, tablet on February 8, 2012 at 4:00 pm

After long hours of struggling with built-in and downloadable mobile browsers, Android users can breathe a sigh of relief (and hopefully their fingers can relax too!) with Google’s release of Chrome for mobile devices.

Not only does Chrome do away with the “fat finger” problem  with a link preview feature that zooms in to allow the user to easily select the intended link, but it can also sync between devices.

According to the New York Times, “Chrome’s mobile browser syncs seamlessly with Chrome’s desktop browser so that anyone surfing the Internet on their computer can pick up exactly where they left off on their phone and tablet — with the same tabs, same browsing history and same bookmarks.”

What does that mean? I’m glad you asked.

For Android users it means easier navigation between devices. Saw something on your desktop that you want check out on your phone or tablet? No problem. Chrome for mobile brings the ultimate desktop browsing capability to the mobile platform.

And the app is free. Just download to your phone, open the app, sign in with your Google account, and you’re on your way. This is so much easier than trying to navigate the web via Dolphin on my smart phone, and so far, it’s much faster.

Now if only touch pad typing on my mobile phone were as fast as typing on a real keyboard…


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