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Hurricane Sandy aftermath

In flood, help, hurricane, Sandy, snow, storm on October 31, 2012 at 3:56 pm

For those of us back in the mid-west, it can be difficult to imagine what people are going through on the east coast in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Some of us can compare our experiences with tornadoes to those with hurricane experiences, but seeing pictures of the destruction really brings the suffering home. To add insult to injury, millions of residents are without power, of which many are predicted to be without for up to a week.

Here’s a time lapse video of Sandy rolling into the Manhattan area. You can see the power go out around 1:03.

And now as the waters recede, the damage is becoming more and more apparent. Neighborhoods, cities, and subways are flooded; homes are destroyedboats are left stranded no where near the water, and nearly 100 homes in a Queens neighborhood burned to the ground. Not to mention the blizzard that left behind 2-3 feet of heavy, wet snow in West Virginia.

If you know of a house that has been damaged by Hurricane Sandy, you can submit an @TeamRubicon work request here:

Would you like to help? Check out these suggestions as mentioned by the White House blog.

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